Television, travel, troubles and the joy of going live

The globetrotting laughter master Stephen K Amos returns with his new tour show.

In the last 12 months, Stephen has performed his brand of feel-good comedy all over the globe from England to Tazmania.

He will be revealing everything he learnt from the different cultures he visited and explaining why nothing beats the freedom of spontaneity of being in front of a live audience.

During his career, the stand-up comedian has charmed and entertained audiences.

In 2010 he filmed his debut show ‘The Stephen K Amos Show’ for BBC2 and released his second DVD ‘The Feel Good Factor’.

Aside from being a familiar face on television, Stephen has also enjoyed success as a writer and actor and featured in the Royal Variety Show in 2007, though he has joked that he’ll have to wait for a TV series.

As he put it: “What I really want is my own show. But the BBC have very strict guidlines about ethnicity. Apparently I’ve got to wait for Lenny Henry to die.”