Pre-travel reflection: Finally Leave for Israel

Before attending the Israel Lab, all I heard about Israel is the war and religion traditions. I guess it would be a place that I would go now with Israel Lab or never. However, after the lecture series, I found out that Israel is a miraculous country with so many great entrepreneurs, where I should definitely visit sometime.

My teammates and I have been working with ElMindA for 2 months remotely. ElMindA is a Biotech company delivering BNA Analysis System, which makes use of EEG technology and provides visible neurophysiological report to clinics and physicians.

The company would like to better understand their competitive landscape, especially for their big data capabilities. After discussing with teammates and mentors, we decide that what ElMindA really want is a reasonable commercialisation strategy and finding out more possible user cases could be a good start.

During the on-site weeks, we would do more researches both on the company itself and the US market, and consider how to fit our ideas into ElMindA’s business. I really do hope we could make an impact on ElMindA and help them find out a good way to develop the business.

I am reading Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle now and hope could grab more understanding of the history and culture of Israel. Joining Israel Lab, working with ElMindA, a start-up in start-up nation would be a lifelong unforgettable experience.

— Written at the night before flight to Tel Aviv