Have Modulo On-the-Go Charger? All Gadgets Will Travel [Watch YouTube Clip]

Constant travel with multiple gadgets in tow can be cumbersome when the gadgets run out of batteries. To solve this problem, a credit-card sized charger, Modulo, claims to provide battery charging power to any USB device such as iPad and iPhone.

This interesting kick starter project is developed by Idapt, a Barcelona-based technology company. This gadget was awarded as the iLounge Best in Show during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2104 event in Las Vegas.

Apart from the usual features offered in other packs of portable battery, Modulo reportedly boasts of the gadgets' power and portability that most people on transit need nowadays.

What makes the Modulo stand out from the other portable chargers in the market? "It is the fact that it's compatible with so many devices, and users don't have to choose between true portability," according to Idapt CEO Jacques Giribet in an article from Mashable.

The company claims that one unit of 2.4 ounces tiny Modulo with 2,100 mAH power has the capability to charge one device like a smartphone at a normal time duration. To juice up multiple devices, up to five Modulo units can be stacked up with each other to make up to 10,500 mAH of power. For instance, two or three Modulo units can be daisy-chained to charge tablets faster.

According to Jacques Giribet: "All our lifestyle now goes to electronics - it's portable, really portable....We have designed a battery that is as small as possible, taking into account that we want it to give you the same power as the original battery,"

To charge the device to the Modulo, one just needs to connect any USB device using the original charger of the small cable that comes along with the Modulo on-the-go charger. This charger also has an accompanying special adhesive strip called "Smart Attach" to connect the gadgets to the charger without leaving marks on residue. With this method, one can easily hold and carry the charger around as if carrying only the mobile device.

To recharge the Modulo unit once it gets low, the tiny gadget can just be connected to any wall socket, computer, or wireless receiver. In just one recharge, one Modulo can reportedly lasts up to six months.

According to Idapt, the company is also currently developing solar-powered panels and crack-on versions of the gadget.

With less than a month to go before the start of production in June, Modulo's kick starter campaign is already backed up by almost 2,000 people. It has already received over $80,000 pledges, way ahead of its $30,000 target.

It is expected that the Modulo on-the-go charger will be available to the consumers around July.

Watch the promotional video of Modulo from YouTube.

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